About Me

Two Goats!

I’m a Quant Researcher because I love inventing theories for human behavior and testing them with statistics. I have a lot of interests that I love to share but have few to share them with, and so this blog partially fulfills that function. I could just keep all my thoughts to myself, imprisoned in an Evernote journal, but I’ve decided to share a couple of things that perhaps should see the light of day, but if you are expecting a real blog with a coherent theme, then this isn’t it – I just cannot keep track of all my interests. Think of this more of as a bloglette and an invitation to participate in my otherwise silent experience and journey of life. This blog helps me grasp what I’ve learned by writing my thoughts down and by teaching it to others, so even if I’m the only one who reads it or understands it, it is still worth my while. Actually, you, the audience is probably secondary, but if you’re here, great!

I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden where I learned to embrace every precious ray of sunshine and to persevere resolutely through hard times. I was an I.B. student that slept 5  hours a day for 2 years and studied through the summers so that I could go to the best university possible and Wharton was the only school at the time that would fit the bill, and was the only school to which I applied (good thing failure was not an option). This was the hardest thing that I ever did and I learned a thing or two about panic attacks. Since graduating, things have calmed down and I’ve lived in San Francisco, Florida, London, New York, Stamford, and Philadelphia a working for investment banks, hedge funds, and money managers. I got an MS from Columbia University in Financial Engineering.

I value efficiency, sustainable systems, creativity, big goals, perseverance, ideas, knowing yourself, depth of insight, and truth. I enter into the world by learning, doing, and teaching – in that order. I have a healthy attitude towards failure and what gets me out of bed is a desire to learn and to create. I dislike materialism, traditions, group-think, collectivism, and authority. If you hadn’t guessed it… I’m an INTJ, or an intuitive sub-type to be precise.

My favorite novel is Crime and Punishment because it is about a man who tries to transcend himself into the realm of the metaphysical and uber-moral, but fails. My essays on the Soliloquies of Hamlet is how I met my wife. I’m stubborn and even arrogant at times, but one of my favorite quotes is from John Maynard Keynes, who said that “If the facts change, I change my mind.”

I love traveling and running marathons in interesting parts of the world. The most bizarre marathon I ran was in Iceland and the most beautiful was in Big Sur. I follow a lowish-carb/ PHD, Weston A Price diet which I use to optimize myself in all areas of the Greek Triumvirate: Body, Mind, and Soul.