Book Review: Low-Mileage Running

This book is a case-study on the author’s surprising journey to faster times on less mileage. Reading this book will help you understand why running less can help you focus on quality workouts to achieve your running goals from the 5K to the Marathon. While these results may sound too good to be true, especially for high-mileage advocates, the arguments are compellingly simple: listen to your body and let your training simulate race conditions. I loved these simple ideas and I look forward to incorporating them into my training schedule.

The author makes it clear that his strategy may not work for everyone, and I think I might be one of those people. However, I might also be like most people – conflicted in their desire to run as much as possible and as fast as possible without heeding the warning signs or giving recovery the attention it deserves. Thus, even though the low-slow-distance (LSD) approach appears to have given me faster marathon running times without injury, this book has given me a lot to think about and has given me some strategies to work with to help improve my success with a low-mileage approach. I find his point-of-view to allow your body to adapt to race conditions by focusing on “time-trials” fresh and interesting! And while I probably won’t wholeheartedly embrace the philosophy (since I’m an unfortunate skeptic), I think it definitely makes sense to incorporate and tailor his programs into what I know already works for me by alternating quality weeks with my normal higher-mileage approach. Because the training programs included in this book are templates that encourage you to listen to your body, I think this is a book that everyone can benefit from at one level or another and I encourage you to explore its potential.

You may finish the book in less than two commutes, but if you were looking for more fluff or the metaphoric junk-miles, this book may disappoint. This book is concise, to the point, and well worth the cost that is less than a cup of coffee.





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